- throttle movement massively reduced
- response time reduced by half especially for the initial travel of the pedal
- throttle response sharpened up to 50% over original
- linear throttle response throughout the entire rev range
- perfect for effortless rev-matching downshifts and overtaking
- 3rd generation with digital display and more adjustability to suit individual driving style

In comparison to similar products:
- market leader for over a decade
- passed the TUV tests and it is certified with European Conformity type approval

- Multi-Channel Technology
- Easy and clean installation
- Up to 30% more torque and horsepower
- Up to 15% fuel saving
- completely transferable
- selective preloaded programs / maps
- optimised for regions with regards to atmospheric pressure
and octane level supplied
In comparison to similar products:
- Alpha ONE Tuning Box’s housing is designed to withstand the heat soak in the engine compartment
- specifically tuned programs / maps optimised to work with
automatic gearboxes available
- specifically tuned programs / maps optimised for city driving available
- specifically tuned programs / maps for reduced turbo lag, or
ECO tune for better fuel economy available
- high power amplifier built into the ignition coil
- up to 4X spark energy
- horsepower and torque improved throughout the entire rev range
- fuel economy improved
- direct retrofit, replaces the OE ignition coils
- compatible with other upgrades for engine output
In comparison to similar products:
- Plasma+ produce much more noticeable improved low end torque
- each Plasma+ ignition coil is covered by a 90 Days Warranty
- replacement Plasma+ ignition coil can be purchased individually
- chassis rigidity improved
- chassis alignment corrected
- chassis vibration reduced
- chassis movement reduced
- ride quality improved
- braking improved
In comparison to similar products:
- chassis vibration and harshness is massively reduced.
- derived from racing applications, focusing on improved drivability for daily driving
- actual time during gear changes shortened up to 40%
- performance improved though raising the torque limiter of the transmission control
- drivability and response time improved for any type of automatic gearbox
- direct installation through OBDII port
- no PC or internet connection required
- untraceable tune for diagnostic computers
- reusable on the same vehicle after a factory software update on the TCU
In comparison to similar products: 
- TCU+ automatically adjusts TCU settings according to the feedback via factory sensors
- TCU+ calibrates according to the actual car’s wear and tear via factory sensors
- TCU+ is designed to stay within the safety limits of the gearbox
- constant monitoring and self-balancing for optimum ignition and fuel timing
- engine noise and vibration massively reduced
- fuel economy noticeably improved
- power delivery improved throughout the entire rev range
- carbon deposit / build-up reduced in engine / exhaust
- life cycles for spark plug and engine oil prolonged
In comparison to similar products:
- compact packing, easy to install and initialize
- the same model works on more than 1 vehicle
- RC-1 works in conjunction with both ignition and fuel timing real-time
- similar products only focus on ignition timing, only the lower rev range benefits
- RC -1 outperforms the competitors across the entire rev range
- direct retrofit, replaces original OE air filter
- easy to maintain, clean with water
- no grease / oil required
- rate and volume of air flow improved
- fuel economy improved
- long life, when compared with OE, or other foam / cotton made filters
In comparison to similar products:
- rubber seals have been specially designed to handle the heat soak and not meltdown 
- stainless steel mesh do not deform or collapse easily, at high air flow rate and volume
- improved air flow and power across a much wider rev range